Monthly Budget Calculator

This tool helps you to estimate your monthly budget. It helps students and workers, living in a studio or in a flatshare.
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Your monthly budget can vary a lot depending on your situation and the choices you make. Our data gives you a fair estimation of the cost of living in the city you chose. Use these figures to understand where you’ll spend the most of your budget.

If you’re on a tight student budget, two key areas you can reduce spend are your food and leisure spend. Rent will be the most expensive part of your budget, so look around using EasyRoommate to get the best deal in the area you want.

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We have gathered the main expenses of students and workers to estimate the typical budget you need to live in the following cities: Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Kirklees, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Nottingham, Plymouth and Sheffield.

Rent: from EasyRoommate's 2016 FlatShare Index for the flatshares. From Valuation Office Agency's 2015 Private rental market summary statistics of England 2015, Statistics for Wales 2015 and The Scottish Government's 2015 Private Sector Rent Statistics of Scotland for the studios.

Gas & Electricity: based on a 1-people flat for studios and based on a 3-people flat sharing the energy bill. (source: British Gas 2016)

Transportation: based on an annual travel card in every city (sources: National Express West Midland 2016, First Group 2016, Cardiff Bus 2016, Lothian Bus 2016, Mersey Travel 2016, System One travel 2016, Simply Go 2016, Robin Hood Network 2016, City Plymouth Bus 2016, Travel South Yorkshire 2016).

Food & Expenses: based on University of Edinburgh and NUS food and household goods estimations for students. Based on the Joseph Rowntree foundation cost of living estimation for everyone else.

Leisure, sports & clothing: based on EasyRoommates' estimation of £100 per month for a student and £150 per month for a worker. May highly vary depending on your own personal habits (holidays, cinemas, etc.).

Insurance: based on an average £109 annual contents insurance paid monthly by 1 person in single studios or shared between 3 people in shared accomodation. (source: AA premium index)

Health: Most of the health care is provided through the NHS. Students often don't pay anything and workers directly pay a tax. We only included a monthly £5 exceptional health costs in our budget (pharmacy, etc.)

Broadband: Based on a 12-month contract including line rental and upfront costs (source: BT Unlimited Broadband & Calls 2016)

TV Licencing: based on a the annual £145.50 TV Licencing fees (source: TV Licensing 2016). This fee is shared between the flatmates if you have a joint tenancy agreement. If you have separate tenancy agreements for each flatmate, each one needs a separate TV Licence.

Council tax: based on a Band-A studio tax paid by one people and on a Band-D shared flat shared between 3 people. (source: local councils 2016) Full time students might be exempt of council tax in some council so double check it with your local council.