Ideal flatmates

Happy to live with anyone



My name is Xavier Bricullé (but everyone calls me Bricu).

I am an student who loves to travel and I am doing the Erasmus from January to May/June in Glasgow. I have a room in a residence but I am just trying to find a better place to stay and that means sharing flat with cool flatmates that become real friends so afterwards we can visit each other who knows where!

I am really into travelling and I have been volunteering around Europe for 4 summers now. I live with my parents here in Sitges (the town where I come from, near Barcelona) . And for me moving to Glasgow means independence, I won't come back as afterwards I am going to Colorado for finishing my studies. So I would like to start living by my own, starting to learn cooking properly, and live good not a shitty student live pizza and kebab based. I know that I am also in Erasmus in the Whisky and Beer and I want to enjoy it too but maybe not every week as I also want to keep on practicing yoga and maybe starting with meditation too.

So that's a bit my plan for the beginning of the next year and if you think that we could be friends and live together I would love that!



P.S. If you think I am cool but we cannot be flatmates just text me and we can go for a beer someday!

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Posted on 7 December 2018