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  1. Looking for Flat or hse share

    Listing ID: L09091364252941
  2. Andrew Basic Member
    Rent: up to £425 per Month
    Moving Date: 20 Sep 2014
    Minimum stay: 6 Months

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    Male looking for small flat or poss room will be considered if not total house share with many other tenants whilst im looking to buy my next house. Ive sold my own property and looking for temp accom till then. I look younger and act diiferently from my Im honest.caring and solvent.though i am disabled with a heart problen,,I have 2 siamese catsand a small dog

    Please read the add and pf before replying! Altho the siamese cats do have their own outdoor pen and nighthouse.,they live outdoors,but will all come with me.. Please read my profile carefully.I have pets,but still get interest shown by potential sharers/landlords,I read ur pfs and it says on ur pf pets accepted,,then come back and say they are not,,confusing,,please state clearly in your add before replying,Thank you Andrew Im now seeking room/flat from april/may a im having heart surgery on 12th march

    Flatmate Info

    Personal Info Preferred Roommate
    Smoker No Doesn't Matter
    Occupation Others Doesn't Matter
    Gender: Male Doesn't Matter
    Age: 49 from 18 to 99 yrs. old
    Pets allowed: No Doesn't Matter
    Orientation: Not Disclosed Doesn't Matter
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        Last Update Date: 26/08/2014
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