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I am a 25 year old professional female looking for a nice place to live. I am clean and tidy. Sociable. I have quite a busy life with work and i also like to keep active. I th...
would like a place a room with my own little kitchin and shower near to Bedminster as I work there and my family does as well would be gratfull if you can help
looking for a bedsit with ensuit in yate or surrounding area
looking for nice place to rent/share
I'm a spanish audio engineering
52 yrs old Polish art historian. Quiet, clean, tidy, well-organized. Non-smoker. Main hobbies are: art and drama, history and cycling. Looking for a good-size room with furnit...
I am looking for accommodation within close range of Airbus Filton and of Bristol City Centre. Very easy going and friendly, even house trained! Hopefully can have a good la...
Due to my previous Flatmate selling up I am currently and temporarily stopping with my mum (which is not very good at my age!) I am a professional person who is sociable and w...
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