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  1. Need a room in Newbury during August!

    Listing ID: L12032982015267
  2. Erica Basic Member
    Rent: up to £500 per Month
    Moving Date: 31 Jul 2014
    Minimum stay: 1 Months

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    Coming back to UK a third summer to work with an events management company. Unfortunately this time I only stay 1 month instead of my regular 5 months due to my studies in Germany. I'm looking for a place where I can have my things during August month and stay about 3 days during weekdays. Mostly I am away on different events from thursday-sun/monday so you won't barely see me!

    I'm an outgoing, non smoker, fun, relaxed and tidy 21 year old swedish girl.

    Please contact me if you have a free room for me! I will have access to car and bike! (Office is in Kintbury) Ciao!

    Flatmate Info

    Personal Info Preferred Roommate
    Smoker No Doesn't Matter
    Occupation Professional Doesn't Matter
    Gender: Female Doesn't Matter
    Age: 19 from 18 to 99 yrs. old
    Pets allowed: No Doesn't Matter
    Orientation: Straight Doesn't Matter
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    Created Date: 29/03/2012     Last Update Date: 15/07/2014
    This Listing has been reposted on: 10/05/2012
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