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  1. mature male,non smoker looking

    Listing ID: L1201311743226
  2. stephen Basic Member
    Rent: up to £450 per Month
    Moving Date: 2 Sep 2014
    Minimum stay: 6 Months

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    Im looking for a double bedroom,needs to have internet access. I am a fairly private person,really into my computers,so you may not see an awful lot of me : ) . In my spare time i also like to weight train,watch films and listen to music. I'm a really easy person to get on with,i can talk to pretty much anyone and everyone and im very upbeat person, and i normally have a smile on my face. I dont really have an ideal idea of a house/flat mate as i get on with pretty much everyone, just someone that respects my privacy.

    Flatmate Info

    Personal Info Preferred Roommate
    Smoker No Doesn't Matter
    Occupation Professional Doesn't Matter
    Gender: Male Doesn't Matter
    Age: 41 from 18 to 99 yrs. old
    Pets allowed: No Doesn't Matter
    Orientation: Straight Doesn't Matter
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    Created Date: 31/01/2012     Last Update Date: 28/07/2014
    This Listing has been reposted on: 16/06/2013
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