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  1. Rooms for rent

    Listing ID: H130804154236653
  2. £ 412,
    per Month,
    includes utilities
    £ 95
    per Week
  3. Detached House - 1 Bedroom(s) Available Premium Member
    Address: Douglas Lane
    Area Heathrow, Greater London North

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    Hi, We have a lovely room at a detached home in Wraysbury, Near Heathrow Terminal 5,Windsor & Staines area TW19 5NF, It has BT Infinity, Parking, complete privacy hence no couples or often visitors a very relax place to live with lakes and nature surrounded, Windsor-Waterloo Train line 3 minutes walk, Ideal for Mon-Fri, Gentleman, if sound ok, please contact me. Thank you
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    Room and Property Details

    Date Available 2 Sep 2014 Parking available Yes
    Minimum stay 6 Month Available bedrooms 1
    Property type Detached House Total bedrooms 6
    Room type Single Room Bathrooms 4
    Pets allowed No Children Accepted No
    Room amenities Furnished, Private bathroom, Phone socket, TV, Balcony/Patio, Internet, Bike Storage, Garden
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    Created Date: 04/08/2013     Last Update Date: 04/07/2014
    This Listing has been reposted on: 27/08/2014
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