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  1. Shared, large house with all mod cons.

    Listing ID: H10051795743731
  2. £ 600,
    per Month,
    includes utilities
    £ 138
    per Week
  3. Large Detached House - 1 Bedroom(s) Available Premium Member
    Address: Willis Lane
    Area Alton

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    Country house suitable for the professional person working away, or on a permanent basis. Brand new luxury kitchen. Laundry. Wireless internet. Lots of off street parking. Large flat screen TV with cinema surround sound in communal lounge. ALL NEW. Newly fitted high spec, very smart ensuite double room available. Call Andy
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    Room and Property Details

    Date Available 1 Oct 2014 Parking available Yes
    Minimum stay 2 Month Available bedrooms 1
    Property type Large Detached House Total bedrooms 5
    Room type Double Room Bathrooms 5
    Pets allowed No Children Accepted No
    Room amenities Furnished, Private bathroom, Balcony/Patio, Internet, Bike Storage, Garden
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    Created Date: 17/05/2010     Last Update Date: 11/09/2014
    This Listing has been reposted on: 11/09/2014
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