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I am returning to university to complete a Masters course at University of Essex but my wife and children will be remaining in Newmarket area which is too far a commute daily....
Im new to Colchester, study Musical Theatre at Essex Uni and looking for somewhere to rent. Nothing too big, just small and simple, will spend no more than 400 a month, not lo...
I am a white English female (21) looking for a double room to rent out. I can afford max 300 a month and bills included, if not all then most. I am a working student. I am bub...
Hello, My name is Alexandra, 22 & Graduate from University in MAY 2014. Myself and my partner, Luke, 20 are looking for somewhere to live, for an independent, mature, outgo...
I am a current student at the University of Essex, and I am looking for a room to rent in a flatshare/houseshare from the start of July 2014. I prefer quiet ambience, home whe...
I am doing PhD in law at the University of Essex. I am looking for a furnished room for one month in March. Price ranging from 350-400. Location: desirable close to un...
I am friendly and always optimistic first year student looking for a room with peaceful roommates for the next year. I would like to move in from September, 2014.
I am looking for a furnished bedroom for September as I will be moving out. I will join Colchester institute and all the bills must be included around £200-£400 maximum as I a...
Hello, My name is Audrey, I am french and I am looking for a room or an host family for July and August 2014. :)
I'll be in internship from June to July included at Colchester. As a French student I really want to improve my English so I would prefer to share a place with an English pe...
Hello I am french and I am looking for a room or a host family in Colchester in july an august
I am looking for a quiet area in which I could live and study for the university at peace. Also, within the 300 pounds, bills should be included.
i am postgraduate student at Essex university. Looking for cheap room.
My name is Anna, and I go to Brock University, Ontario, Canada. I will be attending the University of Essex on exchange for one school year, and am looking to find a room for ...
A large room around between 300 to 400 pound, as near as possible to essex university and large market.
I am a clean, tidy and easy-going student, looking for a room to stay in Tiptree for one year, starting from 1st August.
Post graduate student who look for home stay of flat share
decent size, well-furnished room
Student searching for a room in Colchester
looking for a room with a personal toilet and bathroom to myself, all other facilities can be shared.
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